To provide the most reliable service to all customers and to build a committed relationship that is based on trust, sustained by excellent service performance, and that optimizes our customers’ return on investment.
Our Vision is to be the leading service provider for the Industry in Pakistan and other emerging markets around us by offering world class products, technology and service to all our customers. We foresee ourselves as a connecting bridge between the qualified product and the wise product consumer.

  • Sourcing quality material exacting the need of our customers.
  • Sales support to various suppliers for different commodities particularly in the field of Industrial Polymers & Chemicals.
  • Offering turn key projects’ technology to several different departments either in private sector or government sector.
  • Commercial and Technical support to the industrial and petrochemical facilities. Technical experts are brought in from overseas companies to resolve problems.
  • Sales presentations, seminars, focus group meetings for the overseas companies interested to work in Pakistan.
  • Providing new technology ventures between the end users and the licensers. The long term objective is to plan and form a small manufacturing unit to serve the various small chemical and other plants to upgrade and modify their processes to the international standards.

Polymer Axis is an upcoming enterprise in Pakistan in the industrial trading sector. The company aims to provide local and International sourcing service to its customers in the broad industrial spectrum of Pakistan. 

Polymer Axis is operating through a local office in Karachi that is well equipped to cater customers’ critical demands and exacting quality requirements with the right product on a right occasion.
Polymer Axis is a young dynamic company that is operated by people having  multi  dimensional  experience  in the  fields  of


Industrial Chemicals, Polymers, Petrochemicals, Oil Refining products and Solvents.

Pursuing vigorously all industrial service and supply related activities and fulfilling successfully the requirement of various companies… Polymer Axis is now becoming an active part of local and international Industrial Trading of several commodities.